Last weekend I escaped from the lowlands and got a taste of what my east coast family is experiencing this winter.  With my fabulously fun book group I headed up to Holden Village, a former copper mining village now turned retreat center.  The weekend was riotously fun and radically snowy.  Over 20" of snow fell while we were there. (I'm pretty sure there was eleventy hundred inches of snow on the ground already.) All that snow made for some mighty good sledding,  and more than a few wistful gazes out the window, marveling at the beauty of a snowfall. I'm betting it wouldn't be quite so lovely if I was in residence at the village all winter long.  I was told that often times snow remains on the ground at Holden, well into June.  It was fun while it lasted and a bit strange to come home to buds on my trees and spring flowers popping up in my front yard.
I also came home with a bit of a head cold but still managed to put in some studio time this week. My latest print is sporting a few more colors. Put on your sunglasses, it's bright!  I'm using two blocks for this one and reducing them both.  Now that I have more color on the paper I can start adding details, (and toning it down a bit). 
And, since it's Saturday, here's a sketch...

That's all for now.

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