December storm part deux

As predicted, more snow arrived on Saturday night and flurries fell off and on all day on Sunday. I love how the storm left little white hats on everything.

Yesterday was a good day for baking and finishing my holiday cards. Since the roads are still covered, (i think there are only two or three snow plows in the county) perhaps another batch of holiday cookies is on order for today.


Snow Day

Winter Storm 2008, Part I hit the northwest yesterday. Part II is expected tomorrow night. They say we are in for a white Christmas because the storm systems are coming from Canada, which means the temps will remain low and the snow will stick around, or some such thing. Today the side-streets are a mess, but that won’t stop me from venturing out a little bit later…what’s a few inches of snow over already icy roads? But for now I will stay home, decorate the house and wrap some presents. Here are a few photos of our winter wonderland, inside and out.

The devil-children who live up the street made a snow man.

View from my front window.

My snow-people family.

Paper snowflakes; one of my favorite pasttimes.

Happy weekend! Everyone, stay warm!


Words from a kindred spirit

I don’t knit, but I know exactly what this blogger is talking about.