Two trips to Target for dorm supplies

Items purchased: two 20-pack hangers, 4-pack of Scotch tape, two 3-drawer storage carts, one alarm clock.

A trip to Linens 'n Things for dorm supplies

Items purchased: two 21-gallon storage bins, three 12-inch table fans, one set of twin sheets, one set of xl twin sheets, ceramic canisters.


A trip to Staples for dorm supplies

Items purchased: paper clips, Bic-matic 0.7 pencils, Swingline staples, computer printer paper, two 6-outlet power strips, post-it notes, poster tape, two 1-hole punches, two 50-pack CDR spindles, two ethernet cords, one 60-pack Write Bros. ball point pens/black, one 6-pack spiral bound notebooks, thumb tacks.

A trip to Ikea for dorm supplies

Items purchased: one Andrea Kakal comforter cover, one Bibbi Snurr comforter covers, two Plaggis Organizers, one dokument letter organizer, one Fusa mirror, one Hanna Slinga, one Hanna Blomma, one Skruvsta swivel chair, one Trensum mirror, five pillows.


A trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond for dorm supplies

Items purchased: six bath towels, six hand towels, two shower caddies, two clip on desk lamps, two eggshell foam mattress pads, cork board tiles, removable wall hooks.


A trip to Costco for dorm supplies

Items purchased: a stapler, multipacks of toothpaste, Lubriderm, tampons, toothpaste, and dental floss, dry roasted almonds, a case of perrier, multipack of orbit gum, athletic socks, gummy vitamins, AA batteries, microwave popcorn, contact solution, neosporin, band-aids, soap, dryer sheets, swisspers.