Saturday Sketch

I managed to plan out the first six and half months of this year quite thoroughly; practically down to the minute.  Now with all my traveling behind me, some specific studio goals met, and my home projects largely completed I am sort of slogging about.  Time to set some new goals and create a new to-do list!  First on that list, resume posting a Saturday sketch. 
 Swimmers ear

Without a lengthy to-d list I feel as though a part of me is missing


Summer in my studio

Since my last post I've traveled across the globe to China and have taken a second trip to Michigan.  I'll be making a third trip to my home state soon.  In between all my jet setting I've been working and in that work, looking for a path leading me to what's next.  My way forward is still murky, (I do tend to be somewhat of a 'plodder') but I'm pleased with the work that I've managed to pull off during this busy and ambiguous time.

My work table.  I manage to fill every inch available to me when I work.
Two blocks ready for Secret Messages
Hanging on to my stencils just in case I need them again.
On the drying rack.
A stencil for Uptown Girl 1
More stencils for Uptown Girl 1
Another edition on the drying rack.
Finally a mokuhanga print that won't end up in the rubbish bin.