Sketch XXVII

I can't come up with a clever defense for my belated post. Instead, here's a description of my present state, in haiku.

Scattered, capricious
irresolute, unsettled,
rambling, muddled, strewn.


Domestic update and Sketch XXVI

This week I refinished my backyard deck. I figure I saved several dollars doing it myself. But, now that the job is done I am reminded of that saying, "you get what you pay for." Still, it looks a lot better than it did just one week ago, with the bonus of no more risking life and limb stepping out the back door only to slip and slide on icky moss and mildew! Perhaps the 'sprucing up' will make my back yard less attractive to raccoons. Speaking of which, tired of happening upon piles of raccoon skat, I've had two raccoon traps installed in my backyard. So far I've caught two cats and a squirrel.

The weather has changed and it is now summertime in the northwest. With the sunshine and warm temperatures I find that my energy for domestic chores is waning. Oh, the bloated chore list still looms; every time I turn a corner in my humble dwelling some new or existing task requiring toil, sweat and elbow grease jumps out at me. Lately, my typical response is to cover my eyes and run in the opposite direction. My energy these days leans more in the direction of watching The Tour, drinking lemon water, reading suspense novels and, one of my favorite summertime activities, spitting cherry pits.


Sketch XXV, one and two

I have a doodle pad at work. It was made from paper that would otherwise end up in the recycling bin. Recycling is good, right? But, I'm still bothered seeing paper in the bin that is blank on one side. So, I fish it out of the bin, trim it to a convenient size, clip the sheets together and keep this ever growing doodle pad next to my phone. The minute I pick up the phone to take a call, I pick up a pen. Sometimes my phone calls require serious and important notes, other times not. It is during those less serious calls that I doodle. At home it has been a busy week for me, what with two cars in the shop, yard sale preparations, deck cleaning and raccoon hunting, I've had little time with my sketch book; so today I'm sharing a couple of my telephone doodles.