Saturday Sketch XX

intricate exchange
speaking with my fingertips
a judicious task



Sketch XVIII

Her heart is too big for her sleeve

On a totally unrelated note, I spent some time in my yard today, pulling weeds and generally clearing a pathway from the back yard to the front. Dabbling in the genteel art of gardening can be quite satisfying. I'd post a picture of the results of my attempt to reign in mother nature, but without a 'before' picture, I fear it would be quite meaningless. But the bigger news is, there is a raccoon living under my deck! The reason I know this is, I've seen this critter saunter through my back yard four times now and when I ask it what it's doing in my yard it just looks at me and runs under the deck. I'm thinking it's a she-raccoon and that there is a brood of babies in a cozy little nest under there. But I've heard that if you see a raccoon in the daytime it could be rabid. And if that's the case, then spending all that time in my yard today was very risky and dangerous. Two things I've always considered yard work to be.


Sketch XVII

This week I have been going through my house, ruthlessly tossing out years of clutter. It feels good.


Sketch XVI

Doesn't it sometimes feel like all the pieces and parts of your life have been thrown in a bowl (a bowl big enough to hold 27 years of experiences) and tossed about like some great big cosmic salad? No? Maybe it's just me.

A Tossed Life