Sketch XV

It has been a whirlwind week for me; so whirlwind-ish, I had little time for sketching; so little time for sketching that I am forced to cheat; a double-whammy cheat in that not only is my post a day late, it's also an older sketch; a sketch I passed over for posting a while back; a pencil sketch! (I have no idea if I used proper punctuation in that sentence.) Please forgive, (both the late posting and the improper use of semi-colons). This week promises to be less hectic; my sketchbook and flair pens are ready and waiting.

Old dog, new trick


It's over.

My print and I have had a good run but it is time to go our separate ways. Oh sure, there were good times, but there were some tough times too. I think we learned a few things and are both better for the experience. So, after a little drying time, my print will head off to the framer. As for me, I already have my sites set on my next conquest.

Peaceful Warrior
16" x 8"



Sketch XIII

Still thinkin' on spring.


Sketch XII

The double page spread of my sketch book would not fit on my very old HP printer/scanner so below is my attempt at creating a panorama in Photoshop. Could I have done better? Probably, but not without angst and hair pulling.

Spring Fever