One block reduction workshop

Last weekend I led a workshop on one-block reduction woodcut printing at the Schack Art Center in Everett, Washington.  For twelve hours, over two days, the nine participants carved and printed, carved and printed, carved and printed.  For some it was their very first time wielding a Japanese wood carving tool, an ink-loaded brayer or a paper stencil made sticky with ink and tape. Printmaking, and in particular reduction printmaking, can be a frustrating exercise in thinking backwards; so I commend them all on their stick-to-it-ness.  Take a look below at the participants hard at work and at their finished or in-progress one-block reduction woodcuts.


Almost done.

Holymoly it was difficult to stay indoors this weekend, with the sunshine and warm temperatures and all.  I managed to stay studio-focused long enough to do some serious block carving and one more run through the press.  With a bit more tweaking I believe this one will be done.