bing, bang, boom...

Often, when a print is 'finished' I must put it away and not look at it for a few days, (or a week or several weeks). Most of the time the finished work doesn't match my 'vision', (whatever that means) and I'm left with a tinge of disappointment. In all honesty, I can name probably three pieces that, upon completion, one could have heard me shout, "viola!" This print was not one of them. It was put away for a few days and glanced at occasionally while working on a new project, but I have now come to a place where I can accept it for the print that it is. There are things I like about it, and other things I would do differently, but isn't that true with just about everything in life?

Spring Fever 1 - procrastination & Spring Fever 2, concentration

As of late I have turned my attention to bookmaking and am in the home stretch of making an accordion book of prints from blocks carved several years ago. I like making books in that it's a nice combination of creative abandon and precise technical skills, (not that all my angles are right angles, mind you).
Whenever I finish a book and everything lines up and it looks pretty-okay, I feel as though something magical has happened. Here's a spread of two pages:

sink or swim - detail

Sadly, my sketchbook has been neglected, (she said shamefully, followed with a promise to rectify that situation straight away). Here's something from previous pages:

Floating Waitress


Oh Henry!

Henry is getting too big to work around. But, now that my 'September' print is almost complete, i can say with certainty, he vastly improves the image.