bing, bang, boom...

Often, when a print is 'finished' I must put it away and not look at it for a few days, (or a week or several weeks). Most of the time the finished work doesn't match my 'vision', (whatever that means) and I'm left with a tinge of disappointment. In all honesty, I can name probably three pieces that, upon completion, one could have heard me shout, "viola!" This print was not one of them. It was put away for a few days and glanced at occasionally while working on a new project, but I have now come to a place where I can accept it for the print that it is. There are things I like about it, and other things I would do differently, but isn't that true with just about everything in life?

Spring Fever 1 - procrastination & Spring Fever 2, concentration

As of late I have turned my attention to bookmaking and am in the home stretch of making an accordion book of prints from blocks carved several years ago. I like making books in that it's a nice combination of creative abandon and precise technical skills, (not that all my angles are right angles, mind you).
Whenever I finish a book and everything lines up and it looks pretty-okay, I feel as though something magical has happened. Here's a spread of two pages:

sink or swim - detail

Sadly, my sketchbook has been neglected, (she said shamefully, followed with a promise to rectify that situation straight away). Here's something from previous pages:

Floating Waitress


  1. I think that you put out more work than you give yourself credit for. As for your work, I find it delightfully whimsical yet with a veil of mysteriousnous. The feeling I get is not unlike when I look at pictures or films of gypsies in Normandy. I have always been curious about the gypsy tribes and your subjects with their dark hair and eyes and strange activities makes me peer at them and wonder.

  2. "Floating Waitress" was my AIM name for a long time. It was born from a misheard lyric from Peter Schilling's Major Tom.

  3. thank you toni!
    and ms. anonymous, i want to steal your AIM name and call it my own. xo

  4. I like the combination of flat and not-flat in your Spring Fever print. I'm especially fond of the scratchy marks in the chairs that reveal the under-colors. Now that I've seen it I can't guarantee that I won't copy you in some future print :)

  5. hi annie! don't tell anyone, but i copied that from karen kunc! xo

  6. WAIT WAIT WAIT, "Floating Waitress" was ABBY's aim name and it was born from the same confusion. Did she make that comment? Too weird.

    This is your other daughter. I creep your blog occasionally.

  7. dear other daughter, you and your sister should talk more. xo