I'm home

I ended my time in Oysterville early so i could return home and have a family/birthday celebration with my beloved children before they all scatter for the spring. Today I’ve been unpacking art and supplies and putting my studio (and house) back in order. Can’t wait to get back to work finishing up the pieces I started during my Espy residency.


Espy update

It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly time flies in my oysterville studio. Hours pass without my knowing it which makes looking at my watch a continual surprise.
On Tuesday I began listening to my ipod library in alphabetical order while working…no skipping over christmas songs, doubles or songs I don’t like. I’ve learned that I have a lot of songs begin with the letter C, about 12 hours worth. Today I finally made it into the D songs and ended the day with Down to You by Joni Mitchell.
Yesterday was a busy day with an interview by the local press, a dinner with the other espy residents, two writers from China, and a viewing of a movie based on one of the authors books. The movie is called Blind Shaft and it is available on netflix. It’s a dark tale of murder and extortion in the Chinese coal mines.
Below is a picture my studio work table and the other is of two days worth of carving, proofing and subsequent blocks ready for carving.


Back in the studio

A busy weekend, which included a visit from my bookgroup buddies and a quick trip to Seattle for a choir concert, kept me from my studio for a few days. I was back in there yesterday and today almost finishing up the piece i started immediately upon my arrival two weeks ago. I was told when I arrived that most Espy residents find that it takes them two weeks to relax and get into a groove. Pshaw, said I! Then after about five days here I hit a wall. I spent the next five days walking and writing and reading and sketching before finally feeling energized to start carving a new block. Now with only two weeks left I feel an urgency to spend as much time in my studio as possible. Before coming here I knew there were no printmaking facilities so I decided to bring a printmaking studio with me. I had to bring a very small and portable press which has imposed a size restriction on the work I am doing here. I’m creating compositions which contain an element that travels from one piece to another. The little press I brought is problematic, so editioning might have to wait until I get home, but I am confident I’ll have many pieces to finish up when I return. Below is a picture of one corner of my studio, (can you see my tiny press?) and a proof of my first piece.


A few pics from O-ville

Sleep has not been my friend since arriving in Oysterville. An unfamiliar bed? The switch to DST? Performance anxiety? Out of my normal routine? All of the above? Who knows. I decided today to get as much fresh air as I could stand thinking that doing so might help me sleep better tonight. Plus, after several cold, blustery, sleety days, we were blessed with blue skies and I wanted to get out there and get me some! I went on a bit of photo safari and thought I’d share a few images I captured.


All in a day's work

That’s the title of a book I used to read to my kids when they were little. It was the story of a tow truck that helped cars and trucks out of predicaments and when thanked would reply, “It’s all in a day’s work.” So humble was he. But I now find myself asking, how did that diligent and honorable little tow truck get so much done in a day? I’ve been here for a week and thought I’d have more to show for my eight hour work days. It’s been suggested that perhaps my goals for this month are too lofty. I’ve been advised to go easy on myself, let the day lead me, let my freak flag fly, (oh-em-gee, what is a freak flag? I don’t think I have one and I’m rather anxious about this). I’m taking it all under advisement and I will continue to show up at my studio each morning. Considering my present pace, I don’t want to waste a minute.


Spring forward

I woke up this morning to see snow on the roofs! Imagine, snow, at sea level. It must be pretty cold out there. Across the street I see dozens of confused robins hopping around on the icy grass. Here are a two pictures taken on Friday when I rode my bike to beach for a picnic lunch of yogurt, cornbread, coffee and sand. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more days like that.


Settling in

I arrived in Oysterville on Monday. It was a lovely drive over to the penninsula. The Espy folks welcomed me with open arms and a delicious meal. I am living in a comfortable studio apartment which sits directly across the street from Willapa Bay. The apartment is a mile from my work studio. The distance will provide a nice walk or bike ride to begin my work days. I’ve spent time in my work studio already and now that I have a few extra space heaters I look forward to putting in some extra long days.