Back in the studio

A busy weekend, which included a visit from my bookgroup buddies and a quick trip to Seattle for a choir concert, kept me from my studio for a few days. I was back in there yesterday and today almost finishing up the piece i started immediately upon my arrival two weeks ago. I was told when I arrived that most Espy residents find that it takes them two weeks to relax and get into a groove. Pshaw, said I! Then after about five days here I hit a wall. I spent the next five days walking and writing and reading and sketching before finally feeling energized to start carving a new block. Now with only two weeks left I feel an urgency to spend as much time in my studio as possible. Before coming here I knew there were no printmaking facilities so I decided to bring a printmaking studio with me. I had to bring a very small and portable press which has imposed a size restriction on the work I am doing here. I’m creating compositions which contain an element that travels from one piece to another. The little press I brought is problematic, so editioning might have to wait until I get home, but I am confident I’ll have many pieces to finish up when I return. Below is a picture of one corner of my studio, (can you see my tiny press?) and a proof of my first piece.

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