Espy update

It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly time flies in my oysterville studio. Hours pass without my knowing it which makes looking at my watch a continual surprise.
On Tuesday I began listening to my ipod library in alphabetical order while working…no skipping over christmas songs, doubles or songs I don’t like. I’ve learned that I have a lot of songs begin with the letter C, about 12 hours worth. Today I finally made it into the D songs and ended the day with Down to You by Joni Mitchell.
Yesterday was a busy day with an interview by the local press, a dinner with the other espy residents, two writers from China, and a viewing of a movie based on one of the authors books. The movie is called Blind Shaft and it is available on netflix. It’s a dark tale of murder and extortion in the Chinese coal mines.
Below is a picture my studio work table and the other is of two days worth of carving, proofing and subsequent blocks ready for carving.

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