End 'o October

As much as I dislike the long gloomy northwest winters, this year it’ll be easier to endure because we’ve had such a brilliant October…bright sunny days and exceptional fall color.
Here is a photo of the tip-top of the katsura tree in my front yard. Lovely isn’t it? Historically, it has been a persnickity tree; slow growing, sensitive, out of step with the maples. But this autumn it is my favorite. This year the katsura has outdone itself, taking advantage of the sunny days and cool nights to put on a show of color I’ve never witnessed from it before. Changing from green, to yellow, to orange, to pink, it actually glows. And when I walk by the front door as I pass through my house I pause, wondering if I left the porch light on, (again) before I remember that it’s the katsura tree reflecting all the warm light into my house.

…of course now most of these leaves are on the ground. sigh.

Here is something I will be thinking about as I return to my regular work schedule.


Oh well

I came across this blog today. It is written by a London artist who is attending the Nagasawa Art Park Artist-in-Residence program in Japan. This is a program I was short-listed for earlier this year; I didn’t make the final cut. ugh. When I found this blog it knocked the wind out of me just like the rejection letter did back in April. Oh well. I guess there is nothing wrong with living vicariously. I’ll be checking back there often.
My month of more studio time is almost at its end. I have lots of drawings and ideas to carry me forward and I’m making progress on my wallpaper-inspired piece. Here it is after four runs through the press.



The current “global economic meltdown” (surely you’ve heard of it) has me wondering about the holidays.



I’ve kept a sketch book journal for as long as I can remember. Back when I lived and worked in Chicago, during my lunch hour, I’d sit at The Wells Street Deli, eat my grilled cheese sandwich and do little drawings of the car lined streets. Later, when my home was crawling with babies, I’d take some time every day and draw domestic still lifes. In the years between then and now I’ve use my sketchbook to record ideas that have flitted through my head as I’ve gone about the daily business of raising kids. Some of those sketches have become finished pieces, some not. For the past year or so I’ve taken to maintaining five sketch books. I’ve been drawing with a brush and diluted carbon black which is fun and requires a committed line, but it also requires drying time. So I’ll draw in one book, and while that sketch is drying I’ll draw in another, and so on, and so on. Here are a few of my sketches:

If you like unique books and peeking into other artist’s sketch books, check out this website.



My doorbell rang a while ago. When the doorbell rings and I’m not expecting anyone I try to ingnore it because I have learned the hard way that a mid-day doorbell ringer is, nine times out of ten, a salesman…um, salesperson. Today, feeling strong enough and poor enough to say honestly to any door-to-door solicitor, ”sorry, I’m broke”, I went ahead and answered. Surprise! It was the mailman and he had a package for me! It was a tube, and in the tube was the most gorgeous piece of wallpaper I have seen in ages. A gift to me from someone who knows how much I love (any kind of) paper. Here is a snippet:

Is it not exquisite? I mention this because it just so happens, the print I started only yesterday is inspired by a piece of wallpaper. Here is a snippet of the block I just started carving:

Isn’t it funny, (strange, eerie, awesome) how the universe works? Here I am on the west coast being inspired by old wallpaper patterns and someone 3,000 miles away pops a piece of wallpaper in the mail to me. I only hope my finished piece will be half as dazzling as my gift from afar.