I had a great weekend!

This past weekend I led a two-day lino-cut workshop.  It was my return to 'teaching' after a hiatus of a few years and I was quite nervous in the two weeks leading up to the workshop, (which was held at the beautiful, new Schack Art Center in Everett, Washington).  I spent hours prepping and preparing and gathering supplies and writing lists and notes, and still when the day arrived I felt as if I was jumping off a cliff.  But I am so glad I took the leap as it was a truly enjoyable experience; for me and I think for the participants as well. Day one I may have (well, no, I did) overwhelmed them with information, but they were gracious and patient with me and not so discouraged that they didn't come back for the second day.  On day two they hit their stride and the studio was buzzing with creative fervor. By Sunday afternoon everyone had a beautiful multi-block lino-cut print to show for all of their effort. It was a way-fun weekend and I can't wait to do it again. Thank you Schack Art Center!  Thank you wonderful students!