My doorbell rang a while ago. When the doorbell rings and I’m not expecting anyone I try to ingnore it because I have learned the hard way that a mid-day doorbell ringer is, nine times out of ten, a salesman…um, salesperson. Today, feeling strong enough and poor enough to say honestly to any door-to-door solicitor, ”sorry, I’m broke”, I went ahead and answered. Surprise! It was the mailman and he had a package for me! It was a tube, and in the tube was the most gorgeous piece of wallpaper I have seen in ages. A gift to me from someone who knows how much I love (any kind of) paper. Here is a snippet:

Is it not exquisite? I mention this because it just so happens, the print I started only yesterday is inspired by a piece of wallpaper. Here is a snippet of the block I just started carving:

Isn’t it funny, (strange, eerie, awesome) how the universe works? Here I am on the west coast being inspired by old wallpaper patterns and someone 3,000 miles away pops a piece of wallpaper in the mail to me. I only hope my finished piece will be half as dazzling as my gift from afar.

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