Sketch XII

The double page spread of my sketch book would not fit on my very old HP printer/scanner so below is my attempt at creating a panorama in Photoshop. Could I have done better? Probably, but not without angst and hair pulling.

Spring Fever


  1. Good work on PhotoShop! (Bummer that your sketchbook doesn't fit on your platen!) You've clearly made the transition to the rectangular format -- Great drawings! I can't imagine having the patience to make so many precise marks for all the patterns!

  2. Hi Betsy,
    I am really enjoying your weekly sketches...
    Depending on which version of photoshop you have it may be able to do all the work for you. you need to go to 'file' - 'automate' - 'photomerge' click Automatic and browse for the files that make up the image. It does not always work perfectly but I have been using it for ages for Laura's bigger prints which will not fit our epson scanner, I have even done 3 or 4 images together this way

  3. Thanks for your comments Gloria and Ben.
    Ben, I will take your suggestion for my next go-round of 'photomerge'. I doubt i could ever recreate the steps i took with this attempt anyway!