Sketch XI

Every so often someone drops off a box or bag of books at the church where I work. (Perhaps people believe these donations somehow help the church or needy folks who contact the church for assistance. In my experience, desperate people call the church looking for help with things like, paying their rent or their utility bills. Never has anyone called in need of used books. But I digress.) Some of these books we keep and place in the children's library, others, if appropriate, we put in the adult library. The rest are free for the taking and what's left goes to a local second hand shop. Recently, in one bag of books I found a small compendium entitled, Treasures of the Louvre. I claimed it and look through it during idle moments. Today's sketch is inspired by a character, in a painting, in the book. Can you guess the painting, the artist?

sketch inspired by The Cheat by Georges de La Tour

My print and I have made up, but we are taking things slow.

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