Sketch XXI

A few weeks ago I read an article about productivity. The author interviewed some big-wig executives and the latter divulged the secrets of their success. Some of the big-wigs waxed philosophical and hardly made sense at all; others described their over-achieving lifestyles of getting up for a 3:30 workout, followed by a 25 mile bike ride, returning home in time to make whole grain waffles for the kids before dropping them off at school on the way to the office. Ridiculous, right? But, remarkably, I did read one interesting approach to productivity that I have tried to put into practice over the past few weeks. One executive, (can't remember who; should've taken notes) said she uses a to-do list, (I love lists, so of course this caught my eye) but she doesn't prioritize her list. She reasons that every item on the to-do is important, so by focusing on the item she has the most energy for, her productivity will be at its highest.
Me and to-do lists go way back, but I've always prioritized my lists. I got to thinking, 'how much time have i wasted prioritizing my to-do list?' So I decided to try the 'executive' approach. My energy in recent days has definitely tended toward the domestic. In the past few weeks I have cleaned closets, sorted through years of clutter, and I have spent hours and hours doing yard work. I've spent some time in my studio too, but not nearly as much time as I've spent hauling mulch. Consider this my excuse for posting my Saturday sketch on Wednesday. My sketch is late, but my front yard looks awesome.

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