Sketch XXII and XXIII

This week has been consumed with out of town family gatherings. The busy days have left my sketchbook lonely and neglected. But my children are with me and more than once I have happened upon them doodling away or painting postcards to send home to friends. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. So this week I am posting some of their work.

A's watercolor sketch of the Salt Flats

M's fanciful doodles


  1. oh this is is just too depressing - I always knew you were a better artist than me - now it looks like your kids apparently have more talent than I do - I really need to start drawing again

    - b -

  2. wasn't there an artist who stopped creating when he realized his child was a better artist than he? me thinks i am dangerously close to that point.

  3. Hi Betsy,

    These are both wonderfull! Love the spareness of the land/waterscape (which I believe to be representational of a wide expanse of sand at low tide) and love the frog/woman in the second. You obviously created an artistic environment in your home that fostered the development of your children's talents! Kudos all around!

  4. i think both pieces are amazing. and I want to keep looking at them. The water color ? Makes me want to close my eyes and doze on that piece of earth, with not a worry to be found. The sketch draws my eye to each separate "being" and makes me wonder what they mean to someone who is dreaming. Maybe while they are dozing on that ground. A perfect puzzle. But why oh why no art majors?