Looking back...6/3/09

One year ago today I was beginning a one-month printmaking workshop in Florence. Please, can I please do that again, please? Perhaps it was jet lag, but there were moments in my first hours in Italy when I wondered what the heck i was doing there...when i wondered if participating in printmaking workshop with people half my age was a stroke of genius or a really stupid idea. Not too soon after those first desperate moments I, "got over it" and immediately began to relish every single second of my time there. My month of days was comprised of mornings viewing Michelangelo, Botticelli, Bernini, the de Medici's, Ferragamo, and SO much more, followed by afternoons spent immersed in serious studio work. How did I ever get so lucky?!?! It's not easy to take photos of the exquisite art in Florence, (no photo, no photo!) and really, why bother? It's like trying to take a picture of the Grand just can't capture it. But postcards are readily available. I have a collection. Here are two of my favorites...
One of my favorite sights...
Jacopo Pontormo
Santa Felicita, Firenze

The Duomo, a full moon ...and kittens!

Over the next month I anticipate there will be many, "ah, Firenze!" moments.
Please, can I please do that again, please?

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