Lino-cut Workshop Follow-up

Last weekend I led a basic lino-cut workshop at the Schack Art Center, and once again I was inspired and impressed by what the participants accomplished in such a short time.  Here's the result of their hard work:

Michelle managed to cut three blocks and printed this three color lino-cut with spot-on registration.

Susan printed a one color print, in a variety of colors and on a variety of papers.  She plans to use this print as her 2014 Christmas card!?!

Lisa used two blocks and stencils for her print of Mt. Si.  This was Lisa's first lino-cut.

Peter used one block, three stencils and a bit of reduction to create to print this, his first-every lino-cut print.

Somewhere, hidden in one of my many piles of paper, is the print I made at my first lino-cut weekend's a one-color print of a donut.  At the end of the first day of this past weekend, I thought about seeking out the donut print to show my students, you know, to provide some comparison and give them some confidence.  At the end of the workshop I was very glad I didn't follow through on this idea, as I would have been mortified comparing my donut to the proficient prints displayed above.

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