A Walk Around the Lake

This morning I took my first early morning walk of the season around Lake Serene. In the summer I take this 3 mile walk quite often, and so early that I rarely see another person and the only sounds I hear are birds chirping, the occasional bark of a dog and the slap of my sneakers against the sidewalk. And I love it. The air is sweet, the lake is smooth and the silence allows my mind to roam. I didn’t get out early enough this morning. There was a guy weed-whipping the ditch in front of his house, school busses were rolling by, and the din of commuter traffic was unmistakable. In addition, the slap of my sneakers on the sidewalk was completely drowned out by the waggle of my thighs and the flapping of my upper arms against my back fat. My mind was consumed with how I can fit a more rigorous workout schedule into my already busy days. Still, the way the sun came through the trees, the clear blue sky, the cool balmy air, all served to remind me that summer, my favorite season, is just around the corner.

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