Post Graduation Post

Graduation is over, my parents have returned to the midwest, (where they have REAL summer weather, I’ll have you know!) and the exhaustion I felt post graduation festivties is slowly lifting. As with many things in life, anticipation is often worse than the actual event…so true for me with this milestone event. The days heading into commencement week found me weepy at the most inopportune times; I even welled up with tears when I heard the first few bars of Pomp and Circumstance, but since then, nuthin’. In fact, coming home from work this week, tripping over shoes in the front hall, seeing dishes piled high next to an empty dishwasher and having to run dripping wet from one bathroom to the other to get MY shampoo only served to remind me that they are still kids in so many ways. Wearing a gown and mortarboard does not an adult make. We’re simply starting a new chapter in which I’m sure I’ll have a lot more parenting to do. But it was fun, this high school thing…even with all my kvetching I’ve pretty much loved every minute of it.

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