Checking things off a list...

Here’s a list of what I’ve been doing since I returned from Ireland. April sped by so fast.
1. Rearranged book shelves…this is an ongoing project.
2. Cleaned my closet.
3. Downloaded, resized, uploaded pictures from Ireland onto new smugmug page. This took several days, but I think I’ve finally got the process down.
4. Spent time in my studio and finally finished a piece that I am somewhat satisfied with.
5. Finished daughter A’s costume for high school musical…a victorian gown made from acres of fabric, the experince of which has added new skills to my sewing repertoire including the use of boneing and crinoline.
6. Finished two hats for daughter A’s costume for high school musical.
7. Short trips to Eugene, Ellensburg and Whidbey Island.
8. One trip to the skin doctor, (use sunscreen!!) one trip to the physical therapist, three trips to the chiropractor, (I am falling apart.)
9. Patienly endured the college decision process of twin daughters.
10. Wrote checks to said colleges.
In the weeks ahead I will view the spring musical, (and that fabulous hat) numerous times, go prom shopping with daughters and spend buckets of money, prepare physically and emotionally for their high school graduation, and host out of town visitors. Still, every spare moment I will steal away to my studio to get something done. Gaa! I must go there now.

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