September 1st already?!

Here it is, September 1st.  I had the very ambitious goal of completing two prints between August 4th and, well, today.  Sadly, I didn't meet my goal, but I got half way there; I managed to finish up the first one today.  Just a few hours ago as a matter of fact.  In spite of my planning, I took a couple of wrong turns while working on this print and needed some time to ponder and panic and gnash my teeth.  Eventually I found a way out of the mess I'd made and I think in the long run it all worked out for the best.  Here are a few photos of the progression, starting where my last post left off. The final version of the print will show up on my website soon.
After laying down the sky I added a skin tone and blocked out the dress shape.
A few more additions including that garish yellow. To tone down the yellow I added a strong neutral to the suitcases. This is when things started to get away from me.
Here is where the print sat for over a week while I pondered how to make some sense out of the bottom half of this image.  Everything seemed all too flat and not very interesting.
While this is not the final print, it is close.  I am happy with the addition of the cityscape and have added a few more details here and there.
Here are all the stencils I used, (most, more than once!) to complete this print.
I'm glad to have this one done.  I'm also glad that I walked away from it for a few days to let a some ideas bubble up.  It didn't turn out as I had envisioned it, but it did turn out better than I thought it would.
How did I spend my time while taking a break from the above print?  Why, doodling and sketching of course!  Lots of little drawings like this:

Next up, a woodblock print using the Japanese water-based technique moku hanga.  I'd like to have the blocks carved by this time next week.  Ready, set, go!

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