Ready, Set, Go!

Last weekend, while the rest of Seattle was enjoying the sunshine, the hydroplane races and performances by the Blue Angels I was leading a two day mokuhanga workshop.  It was a small but mighty group of eager students.  It was a happy coincidence that I had interacted with each of them at some point in the past which made for a fun and friendly learning atmosphere and I was so very impressed with how quickly they grasped the concepts and how accurately they cut their kentos, especially since this was their first go at mokuhanga.  Take a look...

Nancy mixing paint and nori on her block.

Mara proofing colors for her final print.

Janine printing her block.

 Nancy's final print.  Nancy is an art teacher and insisted on giving me an imperfect print
so others can learn from her mistake.  Sheesh.

Mara's final print.  Such intricate registration for her first go at mokuhanga!

Janine's final print.  I believe Janine is a natural.

After leading a workshop I was eager to get into my studio and start some work of my own. This week I made sketches and prepped blocks for two new prints, (one reduction, one mokuhanga) with a goal to complete them both by Labor Day.  Ready, set, go!

Yesterday I carved and today I ran the first color.

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