First Day of Spring

As I sat down at my work table this morning I couldn't help but think of my friend Laura, who passed from this life on the first day of spring, one year ago today.  Laura was one of the most spirited people I've ever known.  She introduced me to a whole new level of wackiness and many of our antics I still embrace today.  I've even passed a few of them along to my children!  She was in service to her family and was a devoted daughter, sister, partner and, most especially, mother. Our lives took us to very different corners of the country, but we remained true and loyal friends.  I love her and I miss her.  And not to get all woo woo or anything, there have been a couple of times in the past year that I've felt her presence acutely, (and I hope I do again!).  Laura, like me, was a mitten girl at heart but she became my yellow rose of Texas.
I miss you darlin'
see you later.

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