I'm still here

Earlier this month I spent two lovely weeks in lovely Michigan with my lovely family.  One of my sisters has the good fortune of living in the northwest quadrant of the lower peninsula, (also known as the LP, or the Mitten) where she can see scenes such as this every day.
 Lovely Lake Michigan
When I'm downstate, (not Up North) at my folks house I always, always, always pay a visit to The Flint Institute of Arts.  I've said it before: the FIA is a little gem of a museum and each time I visit I am treated to interesting exhibits and a delightful permanent collection.  This time my parents and I enjoyed the work of Abstract Expressionists, a collection from the Speed Art Museum of Louisville, Kentucky and some exquisite, ancient Chinese ceramics.  And when I say ancient, I mean ancient; some of these vessels were over 5,000 years old! 

They have sort of a southwest quality to them doncha think?  Which on one level totally makes sense if that whole land bridge between Asia and North America is for reals.  Perhaps there is something to the idea of collective, cultural memory.

Now, back in the lovely Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing our annual dog days, (we usually have about three).  They say yesterday was the hottest day of the year, (so far) but it was no where near as hot, (or as humid) as my two weeks in Michigan.  At least there every building has air conditioning, although I can't for the life of me understand why some people, (who shall remain nameless) set their thermostat at 80 degrees.  I mean really, why bother?

Presently I am trying to rev up my momentum for so many things: long, multi-day bike rides, (for which I am frighteningly unprepared); strenuous hikes, (for which I am frighteningly unprepared); and creative work, (for which I am frighteningly unprepared). Sketching always makes me think/feel I'm doing something, so today I finished filling another sketchbook.

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