"This concerns me..."

That quote's from Project Runway's Tim Gunn.  I've been imagining a little Tim sitting on my shoulder for the past few days. Last week I ran into a major technical problem with my current print...dents in my beautiful piece of shina plywood created by a flaw in my press-board!  Unfortunately, I didn't discover the problem until the third run of color.  By then, quite a bit of damage had been done.  For several reasons, starting over isn't an option, so the little imaginary Tim sitting on my shoulder has been whispering another of his famous lines in my ear: "make it work!"   After a bit of kvetching and ruminating I adjusted my expectations along with a bit of the composition.  While it isn't perfect, I am beyond wanting to toss block and prints out the window.  The picture below isn't the finest quality but you can see the problem spot right there in the upper right quarter.  Hopefully the remaining tricks up my sleeve will be distracting enough to offset the current imperfection, and will earn me a delightful, "carry on!" from my little imaginary Tim.

 6 colors and 8 runs through the far

And here is this week's sketch...
Limited power

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