Activites list...

Or, how I'm spending the summer of 2011
1.   Day job
2.   Cat sitting
3.   Watching the weather for cycling opportunities
4.   Remaining painfully pale
5.   Grumbling about the weather
6.   Taking a 'creativity' class which is reminding me just how rigid and uptight i can be
7.   Art stuff: finishing most recent print, (see below), tossing my hat into several upcoming juried exhibits
8.   Grumbling about the weather
9.   Trying to decide on a color to paint my bathroom
10. Wondering what will happen on August 2
11. Enjoying a weekly delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables from the other (and more sunny) side of the state
12. Grumbling about the weather

 Conjoined II
(based on the writings of Joseph Joubert )
Woodblock Relief Print
17.5" x 18"
2 blocks, 8 colors, 11 passes

No sketches to share at this time. For shame!!!


  1. Bravo! Masterful! Your perseverance and discipline inspire me. (Not to mention your ideas and thought process!) Is your creativity class virtual?

  2. Hi Gloria
    Thank you for your very kind feedback! Making art is so darn solitary! The class I'm taking is not virtual, but it's very fast paced which can be difficult for a plodder like me. And it's getting me thinking and forcing me to play with materials. Perhaps I'll share a few 'successes' here. perhaps.

  3. really? you? rigid and uptight? Nope. Notta chance. No way. I think that being disciplined and responsible are not even distant cousins to rigid and uptight. Would a rigid uptight person have rescued, cast-off-to-the-side-of-the-road stuffies and dollies living in the shelves of their laundry room? I think not.

  4. Can't a person be rigid, uptight as well as sentimental and sappy? And...I'm surprised you remembered my laundry room shelf of misfit toys!

  5. I remember Plumpy especially. Nope. Can't be rigid AND sentimental. Just not so. Perfectionistic artistic yearnings, perhaps?