In search of sunglasses...

The sun is pouring through my windows and the out of doors beckons!  Spring in the northwest has been quite dismal this year.  Lots of rain and skies grayer than usual.  Last night water was overflowing from my gutters and I felt sure they were clogged with last autumn's leaves.  Upon inspection early this morning I discovered they were clear which simply confirms how much water was pouring from the heavens.  But back to the present...the forecast is for sun and warm temps all weekend!  So I am putting all work aside and plan to spend the next two days soaking up copious amounts of Vitamin D.  I've made a small start on my current print; one very uneven run through the press.  I'll get back to work on Sunday and hope to have more to show for myself early next week.

 And here is this week's sketch, inspired by my longing for sun filtering through fresh spring leaves. sigh.

To all who are currently experiencing mother nature's gentler side, enjoy.  To those who are not so fortunate, my thoughts are with you.  Happy weekend.

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