I was trying to daydream but my mind kept wandering...

Another scattered week has passed.  Sometimes my cousin and I joke about contracting adult onset ADD, but I sometimes I'm not joking.  It often feels like I am too busy, and wearing too many hats for the small sphere that is my life.  I'm suddenly reminded of this book from my childhood!

It was one of Captain Kangaroo's read-aloud favorites.  (Having just spent a few minutes reading the Wikipedia entry on Captain Kangaroo I am further reminded of Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Moose!)

See what I mean?  Scattered, distracted, prone to flights of fancy, that's me.  Perhaps this is due to a sort of mania that can accompany the long summer days in the northwest, (over 15 hours of daylight today! sunset at 9:07 p.m.!) or maybe it's the fuzzy thinking that comes to women of a certain age...walking into a room to get the car keys and 30 minutes later three bookshelves have been straightened and the sink has been scoured, but I'm going to be late to work.  Again.   At times I am able to hyper focus, (which I have learned is a paradoxical ADD ability).  This usually occurs for me, typically, when working in my studio.  At those times the cats go hungry, the mail piles up, I live on coffee and pita chips and wear my pajamas all day.  (I'm just kidding about not feeding my cats.  I love my cats.  This week was Henry's first birthday!).  Yesterday, my hyper-focusing ability allowed me to accomplish  a bit on the print I'm working on for the upcoming print exchange.  So far, so good.

print, carve, print, carve, print

And my sketchbook and sticky notes have always provided ample opportunities for me to while-away the time that could be spent dusting, paying bills, making a hot meal for myself, or trying to figure out why my sketch postings of late tend to look blurry, (see below).

That's my week in a nutshell. (Having just spent reading the Wikipedia entry on nutshells I have learned that walnut shells can be used for cleaning and polishing, as a filler in dynamite, and as a thickening agent in paint!)


  1. I loooooooved that book! I must have read it one thousand times when the boys were little...and we had it as a book on tape in the car too. "Caps! Caps for Sale! Fifty Cents a Cap!" That line pops into my head randomly now and totally makes me smile. :) And also, I'm loving watching your print evolve!

  2. Hi Megan! CAPS FOR SALE was lost in the recesses of my brain and then suddenly it popped into my head! It's amazing to me how memory works. I wonder how many other things are lost in there? Thanks for stopping by; I hope you're enjoying a nice summer. xo

  3. Nice work Betsy...
    I can certainly relate to that speedy energy...
    don't know this book at all.. interesting.... and here i am in the ladn of the kangaroos...
    have a good week!

  4. Hi Sophie! I think Captain Kangaroo was called such because he wore a jacket with huge pockets. What I remember him most pulling from his pockets is a huge ring of keys but I'm sure there were other things in there as well. Thank you for visiting!