It still has that "new" smell

The walls are up, the plumbing is installed, it's just in need of some finished carpentry, but my new website is online!  (Try as I might I cannot figure out how to take a screenshot of the homepage to post here, but if you wish to have a look, the link to the right of this post should take you there.  Or you can click this link.)  Just like peeling, sunburned skin, I can't stop picking at it. But I must say, I enjoy the fact that I can pick at it, moving this picture there, adding a little more info there.  All that to say, it's a work in progress, an obsession almost, and if you ever visit again, the site may look drastically different.  Or maybe not.
Here's is this week's sketch.  In recent days I've  become quite obsessed with sticky notes, and really wish I'd purchased some 3m stock when I had the chance.


  1. Hooray! Your new website is wonderful! Kudos!

  2. Your work looks fantastic. Lots of pieces I hadn't seen before. And I might steal your idea for how to handle the "About" page!

  3. Thanks, Gloria and Annie, for taking a look at my website. I appreciate the feedback. And Annie, steal away!