Change is (not always) all things sweet...

The guys who created my present website did a lovely job. Unfortunately, I can't update it myself and the costs associated with frequent updates are beyond my means.  As such, my website has fallen terribly, nay embarrassingly, out of date. At the onset of this year I resolved to get down to business and look into the options of rebuilding my website by myself.  For months, just the thought of this task send me off looking for another chore, cleaning the refrigerator, sweeping the garage floor, you get the picture. But two weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and started dabbling with website builders, looking for one that matched my meager skill level and would provide a reasonable facsimile of my vision.  It's nice that these sites offer a 14-day free trial, but for me it  might as well be a day, or an hour.  Still, after much butt-sitting and mouse clicking, and an extension on my 14-day free trial, I am getting somewhere and hope to have something to show for all my effort very soon.  I'll miss my old website with all of its personal touches and such, but if the past few years have taught me anything, it's that change is inevitable, and change is hard work.

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  1. Great news! I look forward to seeing the new site! It's amazing how many options are out there now. I'm in the same boat with one minor exception: I've never HAD a website ! :) (Thanks for your recent message.) Gloria