New York Haikus

Wedding in New York
Beautiful bride, handsome groom
Sure hope they make it

You know I’m kidding
Of course they’re going to make it
Can’t you take a joke?

A night at Ustavs
Saris, flowers, rings on toes
A blend of cultures

Candlelit wedding
An altar of white roses
Hope they don’t catch fire

Food, spirits, music
Fancy moves on the dance floor
The Best fam’ly rocks

Dance the night away
Mom takes a turn on the floor
Her new hip works well

Open bar, dance floor
Brothers and sisters can’t help
but be obnoxious

If the day should come
When my children choose to wed
You can pay me back

After the wedding
A visit to the Waldorf
Looking for Brad Pitt

The party’s over
Let’s get out and take a walk
First we need Starbucks

A stroll down 5th Ave.
Pashminas are everywhere
I think I’ll buy some

Blend with the natives
Try to catch a friggin’ cab

Buy a subway pass
How many tries does it take
So aggravating

Time for all to leave
Goodbyes are never easy
Lets do this again

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