Life goes on

I am adjusting to my empty nest. Oh sure, I’ve had days when every time I’ve turned my head I’ve been confronted by sweet reminders of my days with little ones…finding an ”I love you mommy” note in an old handbag, hearing a song on the radio that my daughters used to dance to as preschoolers, unearthing little green army men in a garden. As suggested by my sister-in-law I have allowed myself to become a sloppy, blubbering mess while perusing photo albums. I’ve also called on friends who have listened to me wallow and name each and every injustice, real or imagined, that I’ve foisted on my kids. And in a few moments of clarity I’ve patted myself on the back for a job well done. I’ve also made some interesting discoveries. For instance:
My teenage children were NOT the only people in the house who subscribed to the “leave it where you drop it” genre of housekeeping.
A fist full of wasabi peas and a glass of wine is NOT a balanced meal.
With practice, it IS possible to watch several television programs at the same time.
An unmade bed isn’t all that unsightly.
The pile of towels on the couch will eventually get folded, and if it doesn’t, well a wrinkley towel is just as absorbent as a nicely folded one.
Moving forward, I’ve spent more time in my studio and with fewer demands on me, I’ve been able to work at odd hours and well into the night. I’ve decided to show a few pieces at Gallery 110 in November and am working diligently to complete one last piece before then. When I began the piece I considered doing a series of blog entries entitled, The Anatomy of a Relief Print, illustrating my process, step-by-step, but somehow getting the piece done on time seemed more important. Maybe next time.
I think I’m going to be okay. It’s like the extra room has allowed me to puff-up a bit. I’m taking up more space, (um… figuratively and literally…what was that about wasabi peas and wine for dinner?) and that’s a good thing.

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