Moku Hanga follow up

Last weekend I taught my first ever moku hanga workshop.  There was a lot of information to pack into the weekend and at times I worried that the heads of my poor charges would surely explode.  I wish the workshop could have been three days instead of two, but, even so, I  think my students got a good handle on this technique. One of my students wrote a wonderful blog post about her experience and the process, (if I'm ever sick she could easily take over teaching the workshop for me!).  You can read her post here. It's got pictures and everything!  I've included a few pictures below too.


  1. Your students made wonderful prints, so you must have done a good job instructing them! I too find that two days for an intro moku hanga workshop is almost too intense. I've started to teach over three days when possible, as it leaves a little room to breathe.

    1. Thanks Annie! I like the idea of a three day workshop...and a little breathing room! :-)