An admission

Perhaps it was the result of my recent repeated viewings of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, (you know, the one with Colin Firth as the perfectly brooding Mr. Darcy) or maybe it was due to my great anticipation of season three of Downton Abbey.  Then again, it could simply be the influence of dozens of shiny items, viewed at numerous gift shops, during my searches for a perfect gift in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Whatever the inducement, it is time for me to admit that in recent days I have been captivated by the genteel pastime of decoupage.  What?  Oh, dear reader, not the variety of decoupage attempted in my youth, that which amounted to magazine pictures pasted onto wooden paddles; no, the technique that has intrigued and enchanted me is reverse decoupage on glass plates. According to Wikipedia, the art of decoupage probably originated in 12th century Sibera, traveled to China, then on to Europe, where in the 18th century, the activity was favored by ladies of the court. Now a couple of centuries later this art form of cultivated ladies has made its way to my tiny studio in the Pacific Northwest.
In my six weeks of ardent practice with paper, glue and glass I have learned that reverse decoupage requires a bit of dexterity and a fair amount of patience, as having all the elements come together in a pleasing manner can be quite vexing at times. Then again, I found the periodic visits to my studio to monitor the progress of my plates or to perchance apply one of several required coats of paint, a calming retreat from the holiday chaos and revelry.  It is to say, I, like so many proper ladies before me, delighted in this creative exercise and I am not ashamed to admit, some of my attempts pleased me indeed.  As such, I am inclined to share a few here.


  1. Wow! Definitely not your sixth-grade decoupage! Nice effects.

  2. Happy 2013, Betsy!! These are really, really wonderful! Your graphic work is perfect under glass. Are you going to pursue this further?

  3. Hi Gloria
    Thanks for you kind words. Yes, I will probably return to dabbling in decoupage, but right now I am back in the print studio. Hope to share soon! Happy 2013 2 U 2!