A little of this, a little of that

As the title of this post implies, so far, it's been a December of diddling.  It can be difficult to get much done this time of year with all of the holiday busy-ness and expectations, (almost entirely self-imposed), still I have managed to maintain my 20 hour per week studio practice and have filled the time with tasks that need smallish amounts of time to complete. Sorting and editions prints, research and experimenting with materials are a few of the things that have occupied my studio time.  I also dusted off my ancient Dexter matte cutter and framed last year's Advent prints as a donation to my church; an exercise in frustration and a wonderful reminder of the blessedness of professional framers.   Here's the result of an afternoon's work.  As long as one doesn't inspect them too closely, they look fine. ( I took this photo with the panorama setting on my iphone, which has become one of my new favorite time wasters!)

My December diddling has also included a return to a more consistent sketch practice which has, unconsciously, developed a theme of sorts...each sketch includes a snippet of conversation heard while drawing it. Here's one:

I will let the reader wonder if those words were directed toward me.  Happy 12-12-12 to all!

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