How long did it take to carve that?

I am often asked the above question when showing a block to someone.  Given how I work, (print, carve, curse, print, carve, curse, etc.) it's difficult to come up with an accurate answer.  Until today!  Yesterday I sat down to do some carving and can with all accuracy state that it took seven hours to carve the dragon scales on the block shown below.  This morning my wrist is sore and ibuprofen is my friend.

Year of the Dragon, in progress.


  1. Hmmm, yes, that's why I don't like to count. This is looking great.

  2. Hi Annie! Thanks! This one is coming together even slower than my usual snail's pace. Oh to leave the day job behind and become a full time artist. A girl can dream, right?

  3. Wow. Such beautiful work. Cursing is sometimes part of the process.

  4. Thanks Frannie. I finally finished the piece pictured above and once again, am disappointed. I need to not look at it for a few weeks. sigh.