Refresher Course

Last week I finally printed editions of the advent blocks I worked on in December.  It didn't take me long after beginning this task to remember just how challenging it can be (for me) to print a simple, one-color linoleum block edition...mixing a sufficient amount of ink using the right combination of colors and medium to make a smooth, rich black of an adequate consistency; properly and evenly rolling up the plate; getting the pressure on the printing press just right...the week-long exercise was good practice as I prepare to teach a lino-cut workshop in early March. (My hiatus from teaching has been longer than my hiatus from using linoleum, but I'm looking forward to having a go with a room full of eager students!)  On many levels it was a very good self-imposed refresher course!  Today I photographed the Advent prints and then posted them to my website. As always, I love checking things off my To-Do list. 


  1. it must've been kind of fun to find your rhythm again, though! and i LOVE tending and mending- it's just wonderful!