Clearly, I am easily distracted these days

My sketching and blogging have taken a back seat to The Hunger Games this past week.  Every spare moment I've had, (including sitting at stop lights during my long and often slow commute) was spent reading this book. It's a real page-turner I tell ya!  I finished it just in time for the season finale of Downton Abbey.  Did either of these compelling stories inspire my sketches?  No,(not yet).  But I am inspired to seek out the remaining tomes of  Suzanne Collins' trilogy and I can re-watch episodes of Downton Abbey online.
Oh, and  I still have a couple of movies to see before the Academy Awards next Sunday.

 I love the broad shoulders and narrow hips of competitive swimmers.

I've been seeing lots of pregnant ladies lately.


  1. Love your illustrations as always. I really like the striped bathing suit.

  2. I so enjoy these personality-filled sketches, thanks for sharing them. As for perpetual distract... what did you say?

  3. They're both just wonderful- I love the patterning & the swimmers stance in the top one and the expression & movement in the bottom one! And as a side note, I lost a whole day about a week and a half ago when I cracked open The Hunger Games, and felt so sad the other night when this season of Abbey came to a unfair that season 3 doesn't begin til next January!

    1. Thanks Megan, and thank goodness Mad Men returns in March!

  4. These illustrations are both so fresh! Love them. And the last one you posted with the amazing hair . . . wow -- how do you do it? :)

  5. Hi Gloria! that sort of 'doodling' is kind of like meditation for me. that, or a manifestation of some undiagnosed OCD. :-)