Horn tootin'

The new year has started with a flurry of creative activity and the oodles of time I've spent in my studio has kept me from doing posting of any sort on this blog.  More on that in a bit. First, a bit of horn tooting.
I have been included in this exhibit at the lovely Cullom Gallery in the International District of Seattle.  The exhibit is spotlighting artists who participated in the Nagasawa Art Park Program and hopes to demonstrate how participation in the program and exposure to moku hanga has influenced their work since returning.  I am flattered and thrilled to have been included.  Hey local readers, there is an opening reception on Friday evening, feel free stop by!
The other bit of news is that I have also been invited to create a piece for a February exhibit at Shift Gallery  also in Seattle.  Presently the gallery is exhibiting an interesting collection created by gallery members responding to the word "shift".  For February, each gallery member was asked to to invite an non-member to do the same. (BTW, the piece on the home page is by my friend Susan Gans who asked me to participate.)  From the press release:

"In February 2012 Shift Collaborative Studio extends its exploration of the theme "shift", inviting members of the arts community to contribute their explorations of the theme. Each member of Shift is responsible for inviting one artist -- someone not already part of the collective -- to respond in whatever way they choose to the creative challenge represented by the theme. The show will feature a range of original works in a variety of media, and by a number of local, regional and international artists, shifting the focus of the collective to the showcasing of work by others."

Thus the oodles of time I've been spending in my studio.  aack! Let me back up a little bit...a few weeks ago I glanced at my horoscope, which I am wont to do, and it warned me to not rush into anything; to be patient; to wait for *the muse*; ( I'm not kidding) .  I scoffed and ran off to my studio to begin my piece for the Shift show.   The first two attempts were disastrous, cost me many precious studio days, (along with a pile of wasted okawara paper) and left me in a panic about impending failure and the humiliation of having to tell my friend Susan I couldn't come up with the goods. Then, last Saturday night *the muse*, (mentioned in the smug little horoscope column) came to me in a dream! With that visit the path forward was suddenly clear.  On Sunday morning I began with fresh blocks, a new pile of paper, (not okawara, I'm all out) and (I'm knocking on wood as I type this) so far so good.  My biggest concern at this point is how to display in the gallery, what is likely to be a still-damp print. 

I wish I had a progress shot to share, but in all honesty, I don't want to jinx myself.  I hope this image will suffice:

This is a phone-photo of my backyard, taken during this morning's Seattle Snow Blast 2012.  I suspect *the muse* had something to do with this most advantageous snow day.  A little conspiring with Mother Nature if you will, providing me with even more studio time.  I further suspect I will never scoff at my horoscope again.


  1. Congratulations on the shows, Betsy! I sorely wish I could come out and see the Cullom show. Hope you have a great time at the opening. Take care with all that snow you've got!

  2. Hi Annie, I just read that, due to the weather i presume, the opening has been rescheduled to next still have time to get out here! :-)
    I am so excited to have been included. I'll try to snap a few photos.