Highly recommended

This morning I finished The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  I've read it before and I will certainly read it again.  It's a kick in the pants in less than 200 pages and on my 'highly recommended' list.


  1. Hmm, will have to add this to my "need to read" list.
    Sounds interesting.

  2. Betsy, Good to have found your blog and to be in contact after all these years!
    I agree Pressfield's War of Art is a worthwhile read. Still I didn't agree with all he said. Scanning notes I made a while back I see a #7 on between pages 70-75.
    SP: "We don't over identify with our jobs".
    My response: Not when I had a job I didn't care about (which dates back from long before I was a professional artist/writer), but The Arts = My life. To me being a creative / artist is not the same as having a job. It's a vocation.

    What do you say?

  3. Hi Judith! I agree, it's good to be back in contact after all these years! As to Pressfield's #7... my initial response to your comment was that perhaps he was making a delineation between 'work' and a 'job' within that line of work. For example, an artist creating something for a client, (think commission). But then i re-read the passage and am not sure that's what he means at all. It seems rather contradictory to me...isn't he also saying we should take ourselves seriously as artists? Maybe he's talking about the dangers of too much ego? Thanks for pointing out this 'inconsistency'.