Bedroom painted, check... bathroom painted, check...

I am slowing checking things off the Great-August-Spruce-Up to do list.  Last week I finally settled on a color for my powder room, painted two thick, juicy coats of paint on the walls and am quite pleased with the outcome.  Painting the laundry room was not on my list, but happily, one of the rejected colors from the powder room project looks quite nice in there, so that room received some fresh paint as well.  I will now take a short break from this flurry of domestic updating to pay a visit to dear family in the bay area.  When I return, it's on to my grout-and-caulk project.  Carry on!

Below are a few experiments from the workshop I am taking this summer.  Each week my classmates and I play with various ideas and materials, be it type, line, or color.  I'm not sure, but I think eventually we will bind these 'experiments' into a book.

Reversible Flower 1

 Reversible Flower 2

 Typeface Grl

Paint chip Grl


  1. So, what color did you pick for your powder room? I am sure you are glad that little project is done.
    Love your reversible flower1. Simple and sweet.

  2. HI Frannie! The color i finally settled on is called, (something like) Arctic Silver. Not even in the realm of what i originally envisioned, but ultimately perfect for a small room with no windows. Now on to the next project...
    Thanks for stopping by!