Excuses and more excuses!

I continue to live with distractions. Some of these distractions are valid and worthy of my attention...taxes, animals in my care. Some are self indulgent and would be too humiliating to admit to in such a public arena. I've been in this place before, lots of times. And that's why I believe I've chosen printmaking as my medium. Really, it's the perfect medium for me for printmaking allows almost endless do-overs! If this print isn't perfect, there's always a chance the next one will be! Unfortunately I often apply this philosophy to my personal life and then am surprised and frustrated when perfection doesn't follow. But I'm learning. Slowly. Maybe. Enough kvetching. Spring is around the corner, the crocuses are popping up in my yard, the days are lengthening, it's time to refocus! Again.
In spite of the many distractions I'm living with, I am managing to get some time in my studio. I continue to sketch, (albeit not as frequently as I'd like) and work on the triptych continues. It WILL be done by the end of the month. One of my goals for the new year is to produce one print a month. If I fudge the math a little this triptych counts as three pieces.

I still have a lot to do , but so far, so good. The most difficult carving and printing is yet to come.

Still playing with little black dresses...and i have a sick cat who has gone from a robust 14 lbs in her heyday to a mere 5.5 lbs. Not good.

conjoined 1

conjoined 2
Carry on!


  1. Oh my Gosh, that triptych is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Annie. I have a lot of scary carving to do and i keep finding reasons to not start!
    I was so glad to read that the Mokuhanga conference is on, and that you're planning to attend!

  3. I absolutely love the triptych Betsy!