January Snooze

It isn't at all clear to me what happened to the month of January. Yes, I went to work, (both jobs) and yes, I did some sketching, (doodles, really), and I've seen a few movies, but I've dropped many balls...the housework ball, the blog-o-shere ball, the exercise ball, (haha). As I write this it occurs to me that perhaps, on some level, January found me hibernating, attending to only the necessities, (work, eat, sleep, repeat). Too much time should not be wasted on why. No, I think it best to get back on the horse and keep moving forward. But before I go forward I will do a little up-to-dating. Here's what I've been working on in January:

I FINALLY printed an acceptable edition of this block which was carved several years ago.


Below is a color sketch of the piece I am presently working on. It is a triptych and each piece of the triptych is a two block reduction. The process has been a real mind bender for me, the piece is far from finished, and success at this point is uncertain.

And here are a few samples from my sketch book.

Little Black Dress
tenuous journey

Onward into February.


  1. i love the triptych!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may I have any renditions that you deem unsuccessful? imperfect? like a dog I'll take your crumbs. If you have any. If not, I'll have to buy a "real" one when the press gets rolling. The colors are simply marrrrrrrrvelous, darling !!!!!!!! Love it. Love it. Got to have it. P.S. Your honeycombs have transformed into very lovely flowers.

  2. Love, Love, Love 24/7!

  3. thanks kari! you know what that's like. :-)