excuses, excuses...

No need to list a bazillion reasons why I'm behind in my weekly posting. The photo explains it all, (well, to be completely honest, I also spent a little time catching up with past seasons of Mad Men)...

See the black blob and tail? That's Henry. Henry is sitting on the blocks I began carving last weekend. Henry is a cute, little roadblock in my creative process. My goal for this weekend is to complete the carving I started last weekend and add a bit more color and detail to the prints I began two weekends ago...

Spring Fever after three passes

And since I'm on an honesty kick, here are two sketches, one for last week, one for this week...

stop bugging me!

Mountain Pose
Happy weekend!


  1. I've never watched Mad Men...but I hear it's addictive.
    Henry is a cutie....hopefully the two of you reached a compromise.

    Love your sketches. The facial expression are wonderful.


  2. I'd never watched Mad Men until my son brought home Season One. Now I can't get enough. Fortunately this new addiction is tempered by Netflix who only sends me one disc at a time.

    Henry = love!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your blocks look wonderful.

    Is Henry your kitty? We've been adopted by 6 solid black cats (a mother and 5 kittens)that have taken shelter next to his outside studio. My husband and I are getting dangerously attached.

    We watch Mad men, too.

  4. Yes, Henry is my new kitten. I had forgotten just how much energetic kittens can be! But today, Henry was very well behaved; he sat on a chair in my studio and watched me work. good-kitty!

  5. love how the checkered picnic blanket is disguised as a dress. Do the spring fever jumpers look exactly like the old McCalls pattern cutting "boards"? Also love the image of the woman who appears with a girl under each arm, when you turn your print upside down. Do I read much too much into these things? If I do or if I don't, they are really wonderful. You've been very busy, despite your new Henry.