Sketch XXXI

Such a busy weekend! On Saturday...after riding 40 miles on my bike, I spent four hours pulling weeds and hauling mulch and rocks, (thanks to my dear, sweet neighbor who simply wants me to be the best i can be). On Sunday I attended the annual Seattle Print Arts picnic at Sidereal Press, ( a print shop/facility to die for!) after I attended Eva Pietzcker artist's talk and demonstration at Cullom Gallery. Eva is also a NAP alumni, and seeing her work and watching her demo was truly inspiring. Her exquisite prints reminded me of just how beautiful Japanese-style woodblock prints can be. The color, which permeates the paper, (and doesn't just sit on top of it as in oil based prints) is radiant, luminous. Since returning from Japan I have shied away from moku hanga. The intention has been there, but the courage has been lacking. My biggest fear has been sizing paper. After talking with Eva yesterday I realize my 'mountain' of paper sizing is really just a molehill, (and I'm kinda dumb.) Eva uses sized paper. This morning I hopped online, purchased some sized paper and am one step closer to hauling out my maru bakes, barens and sumi ink. Below is the announcement postcard for Eva's exhibit at the Cullom Gallery, (see it through October 9th!)

(detail) Baltic Sea, Moving Trees - Eva Pietzcker, 2009


  1. Betsy, your sketch is AWESOME! Really. Great composition. Great expressions! Love it. Chuckled out loud re: the paper dilemma and solution! Eva's print is lovely. Will enjoy following your links. Thanks!

  2. thanks gloria. paper dilemma...what's the expression, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees?

  3. I'm trying to figure out if those subliminal figures are purposeful or you changed your mind midway or maybe you are just running low on pages in your sketchbook - but it makes for an interesting composition - I think I like it - looking back through your recent sketches I'm seeing two different styles - they all seem as though the could very well be depictions of you though some of them bare a resemblance and then the others are almost grossly disfigured - I have always preferred the more "realistic" sketches but I'm really starting to like the "grotesque" images especially this last one - I thing you should try and carry it over into some of your final pieces. - b

  4. I met Eva last spring and really enjoyed her energy and her thoughtfulness. Glad you've figured out the sizing thing and are going to give moku hanga another whirl. Can't wait to see!

  5. to anonymous B: "Any resemblance between the characters in this picture and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle."

    to annie B: i am going over my notes and working on sketches now! thank you for stopping by!